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New Player Animation [v.0.6.7] | Minecraft Texture

Welcome to the final version of the New Player Animation Pack. This pack will help you play Minecraft with a better experience because it...

MagicalStaffs Addon for Minecraft PE

Have you ever wished for a magic element to appear in Minecraft? With MagicalStaffs Addon, 6 items are replaced by magical staff. It is...

Cosmetic PVP (Animation Pack MCPE)

Cosmetic PVP Texture pack adds new animations. When the player holds swords and sprints, you can see there are have particles appear to look...

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Full money v.0.1.1(relis).

Full Money is One mod from my series of mods. Полные деньги - это один мод из моей серии модов. Cre: Oleg–orange (Youtube) Full money English: Link to YouTube...

Techno pack

This mod has a Techno ore, Ingot, Axe, pickaxe and his orphan obliterator. Please dm me on discord for any bugs. Enjoy. Creator: Treywayplayz Techno pack Techno...
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Simple Vehicles Addon v2.2.0 – The Construction Update

Simple Vehicles Addon add up to 80vehicles in Minecraft and this is my biggest add-on that I ever made it for you and to...

Morriz Craft Addon

FURNITURE AND MORE are included in Morriz Craft Addon. Please read the crucial information. Don't overlook the crucial information. Please contact me on my YouTube channel if...

Diorama Craft Addon

Diorama Craft is an addon for Minecraft BE which includes new decor blocks and things to utilize into your world. Diorama Craft Addon will be an addon for you...