Loled’s Animations (Beta) v1.0.2 | 1.19.51+

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Are you bored with the mod that acts like a robot? With Loled’s Animations, you can see that the mod’s movements become much more fluid and dynamic. This addon will help you have beautiful and extremely vivid images in the Minecraft world.

Creator: LoledBr Official (Youtube)

What are Loled’s Animations?

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Loled’s Animations is a texture/add-on that brings new animations to the player. These animations are based on animations from the Mojang studio trailer.

  • Idle animations
Loled's Animations
  • Walking and Run
Loled's Animations
Loled's Animations
  • Falling and fire Animation
Loled's Animations
Loled's Animations
  • Climbing Animation
Loled's Animations

Added new animations

  • Break/attack animation
  • Animation of attacking using a sword
  • Animation of breaking using a pickaxe
  • Idle animation using a sword
  • Jump animation


  • Fixed jumping running animation
  • Fixed sneaking animation

Temporarily removed

  • Climbing animation has been temporarily removed for correction in version 1.19.51, In older versions (1.19.40) it is still available!

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Download Loled’s Animations or back up

Create guns, furniture, animations in ONE toolbox. Try now:
Loled's Animations

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