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Taiga Biome: Double Mineshaft Skeleton Spawner

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This taiga biome is a perfect seed for players who want to have a good start in the survival world. When you go inside Double Mineshaft Skeleton Spawner seed, all is right near your spawn point, you easy to access at the beginning

Cre: MadRebels2926

Double Mineshaft Skeleton Spawner

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A great taiga biome to start your survival adventure in the Minecraft world

Here is your spawn point

Some captures of this seed:

There are 2 big mineshafts which perfect for loot and get a good start. Skeleton Spawner has 3 music discs, so if you need help finding it, look at the screenshots for the cords to get to the mineshafts and spawners.

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There are also multiple spawners in the mineshafts.

Seed ID


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