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Jurassic World Resort Map [Fan Project]

Welcome to Jurassic World Resort that includes many attractions to explore such as Main street, Treehouses, Mosasaurus Stadium, Tyrannosaurus Kingdom, Maintenance Tunnels, and more....

The Quest for Pie [CTM]

You are tired and hungry in the Minecraft game, all you need now is some Pumpkin pie to cheer you up!! Your task in...

Omega Dungeon Hardcore [MiniCTM]

Welcome to the Omega Dungeon, the mortal dungeon where represents hostility that Minecraft Bedrock edition can have. Your task has to take the wools...

Extreme SkyBlock Adventure [CTM]

This map is a new and engaging Skyblock adventure that you will want to play. There are new ways of surviving with the marketplace...

Islands of Eden [Survival] | Minecraft [CTM]

Come and explore a bunch of sky islands in the Islands of Eden survival map. In this map, you need to find wool blocks...

Complete the Labyrinth | Minecraft PE Maps

This is a maze map that you must overcome. You must defeat 3 enemies and come to the other side to win the game....

Snow Hell 3 [CTM] | Minecraft PE Maps

Snow Hell 3 is the last hardcore Mini CTM of the Snowy Hell series, a hard and truly challenge for any adventurer and experienced...

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Nico's Cave Expansion

Nico’s Cave Expansion

We bring Minecraft followers a new addon - Nico's Cave Expansion. This bonus includes new mobs, blocks, plants, food, and equipment. They will allow...
Absolute Guns

Absolute Guns 2 3D – (Compatible with any Add-on!)

Absolute Guns 2 3D is an add-on for using 3D weapons. What distinguishes it from the previous version is the simple sophistication. This addon...
XYZ Mini Games

XYZ Mini Games Map (More than 18+30 Mini-Games) [MicroGames Update]

XYZ Mini Games Map has over 18 mini-games and over 30 mini-games for MicroGames. The special thing about this minigame is that it supports...

Phasmophobia Map (Massive Update)

We bring you mass-updated maps to give you new experiences in Minecraft here. Phasmophobia Map was inspired by the author's Phasmophobia of DeathlyTroll. The...
Safe House Map Minecraft PE

Safe House Map (Building/System) | Minecraft PE Maps

This Safe House is the construction of a modern that has protection against mobs and anti players trolls!!!! It's a really beautiful modern decoration...