Blue Archive Addon|3D Gun Mod for Minecraft 1.20

Blue Archive Addon Public Minecraft Gun: Transform Your Minecraft Experience with Powerful Weapons.

Elevate your Minecraft gameplay with the Blue Archive mod. This exciting mod introduces a wide array of formidable firearms for epic battles and strategic gameplay. Explore its features, installation guide, and unleash the power of these incredible weapons.

Creator: KangKung557 (Youtube, Twitter)

Blue Archive Addon Public 0.1

The Blue Archive Addon Minecraft Gun mod boasts a diverse and extensive range of firearms. From pistols and shotguns to assault rifles and sniper rifles, this mod provides players with an array of weapons to suit their combat style.

Eyes Of Horus

Blue archive addon
Blue archive addon

Logic & Reason

Blue archive addon

White Fang 465

Blue archive addon
Blue archive addon
Blue archive addon

This mod is designed to create immersive combat scenarios in the Minecraft world. Players can engage in epic battles and experience the excitement of strategic gameplay, making it a must-have for those seeking a more realistic and intense Minecraft experience.


The Blue Archive Minecraft Gun mod is a game-altering addition for players seeking thrilling battles, immersive experiences, and strategic gameplay. Dive into a world of diverse firearms, resource management, and customization, all supported by a dedicated community. Elevate your Minecraft experience to new heights with this remarkable mod.

Are you ready to unleash the power of these incredible weapons and transform your Minecraft journey? Explore the Blue Archive Addon Public Minecraft Gun mod today!

Kamen rider geats addon

Blue Archive Addon BP or BACKUP

Minecraft Gun Mod

Blue Archive Addon RP or BACKUP

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Minecraft Gun Mod

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