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Ice Spikes is a Minecraft seed in which you’re able to come across an abandoned snow village and more interesting sites. There are rare features on Minecraft, which make your gameplay more and more enjoyable (ice spikes, abandoned villages, pillager outpost)

Ice Spikes Abandoned Villages

Well, actually you won’t be spawned in ice biomes, instead, you’re spawned on a tree.

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You will see a mountain behind, turn your back.

Ice Spikes,Abandoned Villages

After climbing down the tree, you need to find a river.

Ice Spikes,Abandoned Villages

To find the Ice spikes biome, follow this river.

Ice Spikes,Abandoned Villages

From the river, you can see the ice spikes biome from far away, you can climb to the top of the mountain to see it better, or go along the river to get there.

This is the ice ice strikes biome we are still looking for.

Ice Spikes,Abandoned Villages

If you go straight, go through the ice spikes “land”, you’ll find an abandoned snow village. But hey, it’s a little far, it may take your time to get there. By seeing the coordination numbers, you will know how far it is.

Ice Spikes,Abandoned Villages
Ice Spikes,Abandoned Villages
Ice Spikes,Abandoned Villages

If you go behind the village, you will see a cave, maybe you will enjoy exploring it?

Ice Spikes,Abandoned Villages

In case you don’t want to take a long trip to reach the village, here’s its coordinate: 484,67,66

Ice Spikes,Abandoned Villages
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There are more interesting sites nearby (abandoned village, pillage outpost, snow village) for you to explore. 

Here is a village with pillager outpost near it, by using this coordinates, you can get here: 574,69,400

Ice Spikes,Abandoned Villages
Ice Spikes,Abandoned Villages

And this is a snow village, here is its coordinates: 884,68,646

Ice Spikes,Abandoned Villages

SEEDS ID: -896019915

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