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This Unusual double village is quite cool and unique because the houses are created differently in this seed. You can see a farm created on top of the house roof.

You will spawn close to the double village. To get there, you have to turn slightly to your right once from where you spawn. Then you climb to pass the hill, the double village will appear

Unusual Double Village

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Let watch an overview of the entire village in this screenshot from our site https://mcpeaddons.com:

Do you notice in the bottom right corner? There is a Blacksmith

From here you will find some items, it includes:

  • 3 gold ingots
  • 2 saplings
  • 1 iron sword

One of a farm has been created on top of a house roof in Minecraft pocket edition. A farm looks like a garden on the roof:

In another part of the village, there is a cave that opens underground to a tunnel

Here is a bug in this house that somehow has lost some walls by itself

There are some houses have been generated on top of each other. It makes the house look like larger

Unusual Double Village Seed: 212718537

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