Ice and Fire Dragons Addon for Minecraft BE/PE

Welcome, to Ice and Fire – A Dragon mod for Minecraft PE which is the loss of many lives! Some can bravely slay a dragon, some can tame one.

Cre: Estonis And Allosaurus studio, Lord Rayon

Ice and Fire Dragons

This addon brings to you three main dragons: Fire, Ice and Lightning.

Fire Dragons

It has 4 variant, breathes fire and roam most of the habitable world. Can spawn naturally around the world except in cold biome.

Ice Dragons

Ice Dragons inhabit the coldest places known to man and freeze their prey to death.

Both kinds of dragons spawn naturally as adults.

Minecraft Gun Mod

Lightning dragons

This is a powerful nocturnal creatures that deal blasting bolts of lighting to kill their prey.


A variety of creatures with their own skill is added Ice and Fire Dragons addon.

Hippogryphs, Gorgons, Pixies,  Cyclopes, Sirens, Hippocampi, and Death worms, Cockatrices, Stymphalian Birds, Trolls, Myrmex , Amphitheres, Sea Serpents,…

Some other Addons you can check more in Mcpe Addons:


Ice and Fire Dragons

Ice and Fire Dragons mcaddon

Minecraft Gun Mod

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