Garden Breeze BE | Mincrraft Furniture Mod

Garden breeze BE is ported by Pinkgummibaerchen, now you can see is garden themed. plenty of flower vases, baskets of flowers, hanging plants, bikes, flower wheelbarrows, outdoor furniture sets, swings..basically anything i could put a flower in.

Garden Breeze BE

Creator: Pinkgummibaerchen (website)

In this pack you’ll find lots of garden themed items:

Minecraft Furniture Mod

– hanging plants
– flower vases
– bikes
– outdoor furniture sets
– baskets of flowers
– vines
-and more!

Most items have many color variants, so you never get bored!

This time, however, wooden, stone and brick items will take the texture pack you use. in my case, i use Mizuno’s 16 craft, but if you use Vanilla, for example, those items will look like Vanilla

if you have trouble installing this pack, please note that you need an anvil to rename items for the CIT to show up in your game!

Garden Breeze BE
Garden Breeze BE
Garden Breeze BE
Garden Breeze BE

Some Minecraft furniture mod you can check in Mcpe addons:

Minecraft Furniture Mod

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Download Garden Breeze (Mediafire)

Minecraft Furniture Mod

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