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Bored of Oak, Birch, or vanilla trees in Minecraft? This Forested Trees will add 5 new Wood Types spawning around the world!

Creator: Laiffoo

Forested Trees

Everywood type has the following:

  • Slabs
  • Stairs
  • Trapdoors
  • All Wood Recipes
  • 3 Different Trees
  • Saplings
    • Leaves with decay like normal leaves
  • Logs/Stripped Logs (Also Wood)
  • Fence and Fence gate

Cherry and Ebony have a new fruit with them


Cherry Wood can be found in Birch Forests, it’s pretty common and isn’t that tall

It’s Pink-Purplish and also highly flamable, wouldn’t recommend for the it Nether

The Cherry leaves will decay and drop cherries instead of apples

Blue Mahoe

Blue Mahoe wood spawns in Taiga forests and isn’t that tall. It drops apples like normal trees and the color of the wood is… well, blue!

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


Ebony can be found in Dark Oak Forests and is pretty thick. It’s Dark and drops a new type of fruit! Ebony persimmon will give regeneration once consumed!

Keep in mind it needs a 2×2 sapling area to grow! Similar to dark oak! Ebony is a little fire resistaned and explosion resistaned!


Greenheart can be found in Jungle and is Green!

It’s just a bit fire and explosion resistaned

It has a thick and thin variant, keep in mind it needs a 2×2 sapling area to grow! Similare to dark oak


Peltogyne will only spawn in flower Forests and Meadows!

It’s really tall and the color is purple. Peltogyne is highly explosion and fire resistaned

The saplings also need a 2×2 like Dark oak to grow!

Download Forested Trees here:

Forested Trees

Behavior Pack (or HERE)

Resource Pack (or HERE)

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