Escape The Bloody Hospital: Hard Edition (Horror) | Survival Map

This is a hard game which you will face your fear in Escape The Bloody Hospital: Hard Edition (Horror). You will encounter Zombie, Skeleton, Spider inside the Hospital. Monsters go around the hospital, there is so dark with thunder constantly. Before your life ends, you need to escape as soon as possible. This game only allows to a single-player

Cre: Mr Seanyy PH

How to play?

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Remember you need to escape the hospital and survive. Make a plan to end this game or you’ll die and return to the starting point, you need a strategic mind!

The game mode is adventure mode. Don’t commit cheat, Escape The Bloody Hospital is not allowing to cheat.

This game is bloody because it can kill your character and restart again

This is really dark game!!

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Challenge to escape with no light. It seems not easy but you need to overcome or you have to turn back start point


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Downloads Escape The Bloody Hospital

Escape The Bloody Hospital

Download Escape The Bloody Hospital

or here (Drive)

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