Escape From The Mind [Horror] Map for MCPE

This is a new level of horror map. In Escape From The Mind, Herobrine terrorizes you by capture and enter your mind. Now, you have to find secret the hidden lore in this map to help you escape from your mind. This is your goal.

The rest is up to you, will you find a way to escape and defeat Herobrine?

Cre: VirusX728 (Youtube)

Escape From The Mind

WARNING: This map has lots of jumpscares and flashing images!

Let explore the Escape From The Mind map and find out your escape

In the chests, let take some items that can help you a lot in this game

You have to find stone brick walls with a yellow spot. You will find hidden secrets and useful items for adventure

Don’t forget! Herobrine is always watching you from all the sides

Are you curious about the final secret? Here is a list of things you need to do to find it

  1. Install this map
  2. Let explore until you find the house
  3. Now go to the bathroom (at the end of the hall next to the bedroom)
  4. Open a secret passage by flipping one of the switches above the sink
  5. Find the cell four key
  6. Keep going until you find the asylum
  7. Unlock cell 4


  • Fixed bugs, added some changes
  • Fixed annoying typo at the secret ending
  • In the throne room, the effect will not clear after flipping
  • Added easter egg but you have to find it yourself

Downloads Escape From The Mind

Escape From The Mind

Downloads Escape From The Mind

or here

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