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PH Dark Deception – “No Way Out”

PhantomHiveTeam presents a custom map called "PH Dark Deception - No Way Out". This is the first chapter in the series based upon the...

Dead By Dawn Horror Map [Minigame]

This map is a multiplayer game in which one killer is chosen at random and the remaining players are survivors. Try downloading the Dead...

Hospital 2 (Horror) | Map Adventure

You wake up and find yourself inside an abandoned hospital, with no electricity, and all of the lights are turned off. That can make...

Granny Bedrock Edition (Horror) [Adventure] Map for MCPE

Granny Bedrock Edition for Minecraft PE was created from a classic Granny horror game. Formed a unique idea, recreated into a horror map with...

Escape From The Mind [Horror] Map for MCPE

This is a new level of horror map. In Escape From The Mind, Herobrine terrorizes you by capture and enter your mind. Now, you...