Dragon [Custom SKY]

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Dragon [Custom SKY] is a realistic resource pack that replaces the vanilla Minecraft sky texture with a new custom flavor to make it look more realistic. This pack replaces your default Minecraft sky with an incredibly realistic and immersive blue sky, as well as a massive dragon that stares at you.

Cre: Voxed Studio (Youtube, Twitter

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Dragon [Custom SKY]

– Custom Sky

– Realistic 

– Blue Dragon

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Original JAVA post [https://www.planetminecraft.com/dragon-sky-overlay]

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Yuruze [PlanetMine] | [Youtube] | [Paypal]

Credits: Crisxolt

This Texture was originally created for java by Yuzure and ported by Voxed Studio to Bedrock Edition.

We have the creator’s permission to do this, and we also have permission to monetize the content using Linkvertise.


  • Going through linkvertise is very simple, just click on “free access with ads” and then complete the steps. When you finish the steps, you will be taken to mediafire.
  • If you record a video of this texture pack, leave a link in the description that brings you here. Do not place direct links or place shorteners on top of the link.
  • Do not distribute unfairly or without my permission.
Dragon [Custom SKY]

Download Dragon [Custom SKY]

Download Dragon [Custom SKY] (Zip)

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