GGRshader V1.0

What exactly is GGRS?

GGRS is a Minecraft Bedrock Edition shader pack. It gives Minecraft’s sky, lighting, and terrain a more natural and realistic appearance. In the future, GGRSshader will be excellent and natural.

GGRshader v1.0

Cre: Glin Yossyy (Youtube, Twitter)

Minecraft Shaders

Please consider joining our Discord Server. You can report bugs and receive the Beta version of this shader.

 • Invite Link: Click here!  

This shader has “Glowing Ores”.

You can make a texture of glowing blocks.

How? If you want to know it, please join my discord server 😉

Some Screenshots for this shader:

Minecraft Shaders


  • Realistic Shadow & Lighting
  • Beautiful Skycolor & New Realistic Volumetric Cloud
  • Beautiful Terrain
  • New Realistic Water Surface
  • Realistic Underwater Effect
  • Better Dimension Coloring
  • Natural World Coloring
  • Cloud and Sun Reflection on water
  • Glowing Ore and Sun Reflection on Metallic blocks

How to customize?

1. Go to “setting.h”.


 2. Open “setting.h”.

 3. If you want to disable the feature, write “OFF” If you want to enable the feature, write “ON”. and you can edit the value. 


Q: “Can I review GGRS on YouTube or other platforms?” 

A: “Sure, but don’t put any other link than the one listed here.” 

Q: “Does this shader work on Windows 10?” 

A: “There are no shaders works on Windows 10 due to Render Dragon Engine.” 

Q: “I like the shader so much! How do I support the creator?” 

A: “You can support us through rating this shader with 5 Stars,and please introduce my shader somewhere!”


• Android & ios

(it doesn’t support for some iPhones, Example: iPhone11)

Make your Minecraft world more fantasy with some Shaders from


Download GGRshader or File Drive

Minecraft Shaders

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