Doctor Who Tardis Map [Creation]

The Doctor Who universe is the most advanced creation map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. You can travel to several different planets such as Skaro, Gallifrey, and others. In addition to fully functional then Tardis map has added 10 new mobs to the game (Dalek, the Time Lords,…)

Cre: DingDong61

Tardis Map

It means Time And Relative Dimension ISpace (Tardis). You can use this time machine and spacecraft to travel to different planets and locations. In the Tardis map, there have 17 room with different functionalities

You should spend time inside the Tardis before you explore the rest of the Doctor Who universe.

Locations Tardis map


This is a big terrain with the attraction is the Citadel that you can find hostile Time Lords and the Sister of Karn.

The villagers will spawn at a lower level. If you are lucky, may you see a Robot Dog

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE


A perfect place if you need to mining Dalekanium. You should be careful with spawners because there are a lot of spawner around Daley City


This is a frozen wasteland with abandoned villagers. Here the player can explore the large factory in which the Cybermen are hiding a secret beneath.

Make sure you bring armed when going out because there are a lot of spawners here


This is a Trenzalore Graveyard, you can go and express your respects to fallen friends. This is an imported Nether biomes


This is a copy of the Bowie Base One, you can go out and explore the deserted landscapes of Mars

The Moon

Here have some minerals for mining, but you need to careful with local pests

Important Notes

  • The moon and Mondas are setup, so there will always be night
  • It will not rain on the Mars and the Moon
  • The haze in the distance in the sky is a layer of glass to keep out the rain


  • Creatures from Doctor Who replace all mobs
  • Tardis:
    • Retextured Armor Stand, this is a ticking area for each destination to teleport the entity.
    • There is no key because the game has a problem of recognizing the player holding it to activate the teleport.
    • All pets and animals can enter the Tardis (no security system)
  • Sonic Screwdriver:
    • Fishing Rod has replaced by a Sonic Screwdriver.
    • It causes long-ranged damage and inflicts slowness effect on targets.
    • The default texture for the Sonic Screwdriver is the one used by the 9th / 10th Doctor

Full list of credits

  • Mars Map: Terrain map by Astrokiwi
  • The Moon: Architectus moon map (PlanetMinecraft)
  •  Maps by SockMeat (PlanetMinecraft): Gallifrey Citadel, Dalek City, and the Trenzalore Graveyard
  • Torchwood Hub (Cardiff), Planet Minecraft, themixedt4pe
  • Big Ben from the XIXth Century City Map, Planet Minecraft, Mister_J
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral (in London) 1:1, Planet Minecraft, minecathedral
  • London 2.0, Planet Minecraft, DanMinecraft
  • Coal Hill School and adjacent neighboorhood, 30 St Mary Axe (aka the Gherkin), 1 Canada Square, Citigroup Centre, Bank of America Building, and Royal Hope Hospital (based on St. Thomas’ Hospital), National Gallery; me


– Reupload the file for Sonic, Tardis block textures, Tardis exteriors
– Map file bigger than the 50mb limit


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Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

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