Jaws and Megalodon Add-on for Minecraft Pe

Jaws and Megalodon are two vicious sharks that make the ocean much scarier in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. When you decide to go swim or ride a boat, don’t forget to equip armed to protect yourself

Cre: JujuStyle7, Twitter, Youtube

General Information Jaws and Megalodon


Guardian is replaced by Jaws which spawn around the ocean. It will attack some mobs such as dolphins, turtles, squids, and even players.

  • Guardian has been replaced by Jaws
  • Health: 50
  • Attack damage: 6
  • Spawn rate: 25-50%
  • It will drop a lot of raw beef and bones


It can be found around the ocean and replaces Elder Guardian. It will attack dolphins, jaws, turtles, squids, and players. The megalodon have 3 – 5 times larger than a normal shark

  • Replace Elder Guardian
  • Health: 200
  • Attack damage: 16
  • Spawn rate: 5%
  • Drop a lot of raw meat, bone, and drops rare loots (golds and diamonds)


When Jaws or Megalodon appear, Dolphins should swim far from them as possible


  • Add new textures, model
  • Better sounds


Jaws and Megalodon

You can get .ZIP file here: Jaws and Megalodon Add-on

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