Evercity Minecraft Map Creation


Evercity map is based on 4 different cities: Downtown – Old Downtown – Our FarmVillage and this map which is spawn area that called “The Main city” Cre: Evercity-community, Twitter, Youtube Evercity This creation Minecraft map is built by Mistely and QDS_ It includes: Amain city, an old downtown, a port, an industrial area, a … Read more

Doctor Who Tardis Map [Creation]

The Doctor Who universe is the most advanced creation map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. You can travel to several different planets such as Skaro, Gallifrey, and others. In addition to fully functional then Tardis map has added 10 new mobs to the game (Dalek, the Time Lords,…) Cre: DingDong61 Tardis Map It means Time And Relative Dimension In Space (Tardis). … Read more

Lowa (W.I.P) | Minecraft PE Maps

Hello to lowa city in Minecraft world, the map leads to a city with impressive architectural works, along with a developed modern transport system. Creator: BlackburnMedia DOWNLOAD Lowa DOWNLOAD.mcworld iOS and xBox Use texture pack/ Shader to make Minecraft world look better Flow’s HD [32x] [64x] [128x] Texture pack Veristicraft + Shaders [64×64] [128×128] Texture … Read more

Super Smart Swampy Mansion [Creation] Minecraft Maps

A small island in a big ocean, there has a mansion is built inside a custom swamp terrain. There are a lot of huge trees surround this mansion. That’s so great to use as a survival map, it’s fancier than your ordinary house!! Cre: ariankhatabi80, Twitter. YouTube The modern and smart mansion house with the feature a … Read more

Biosurvival (Custom Terrain) Map for Minecraft Pe

BioSurvival is a map for survival or creative mode. This map has 2000 x 2000 blocks with 6 mains biomes: Jungle, Mesa, Mountains, ocean, desert, and forest (the tallest one). All biomes have custom trees and custom landscapes. Cre: Raycka13, Youtube 6 mains biomes Jungle  Forest  Mesa  Desert  Ocean  There are big caves and easier … Read more

Modified Desert Village

Modified desert village modified with many areas including commercial areas and cultivation areas. It’s a big village with lots of interesting things waiting for you. In this map, we add some beautiful houses with cultivation areas. Come to this village and have fun, enjoy it. Cre: Xeno of Cyprus Imagine you can visit around the … Read more

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