Digimon Voltage Mobs | Minecraft Addon PE

Digimon Voltage Mobs adds digimon to your mincraft world. There are alot of digimon, some big some small, that can digivolve all the way to mega. There are a little different digivices to use on digimon, best used in peaceful mode.

Creator: MK-Bros

Digimon Voltage Mobs

Digimon Voltage Mobs
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

This is not all the eggs digimon 

Digimon Voltage Mobs

There is in-tranning forms they used different digivices depending on the version some veemon may digivolve in to exveemon or veedramon

Digimon Voltage Mobs

this not all the champions there is different versions some Koromons may take regular digivices some will take the virus versions there me and my team are not going to update this version me and my Partner will make a remake of this addon we will add your favorite Digimon in the remake like guilmon you need crest and blue cards ultimate drop energy surround the crest case with the energy in the remake we will make a way to select your first Digimon babies is tamed with egg chips and digivolve with packets eggs are hatched with egg chip and tamed with packets Megas drop data you use that data to digivolve from ultimate to mega . The armor Digimon evolve by standing on there respective eggs and eating it form below them. the new way to get their Digicore is to get a Stingmon and place it on top of the Digicore remover. (inspired by digicraft

Digimon Voltage Mobs

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I added new download link and new updated to this addon to fix bugs that were with it and added more entity and a way to I added more armor and DNA evolution new items. I remade the addon there is some old Digimon that is missing in the addon remake   remake some models got redesigns My partner and I remade some of the items . Digimon now use the Digimental eggs except sincerity. to get DNA you have to get an Digicore extractor. 

Digimon Voltage Mobs
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Download Digimon Revitalize v1 copy 2.mcaddon (2.06 MB)

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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