D-Day Battle Map [AIRSTRIKES] [pvp]

D-Day Battle Map is a simplistic map that can be divided into two teams, Americans team battle with German team. You can pick one team you like when join the game. The Americans spawn on a ship offshore while Germans spawn on the Mainland on the cliffs.

Cre: Co2byJ98

D-Day Battle Map can handle around 16 players without much lag. It tested on Xbox, you can see some pictures of this map below down

American Spawnpoint – D-Day Battle Map

German Spawnpoint


At the spawn point of each team, there has a shop include weapons, meds, and ammunition. The currency is XP, if someone on the opposing team dies, the other team will receive 1 XP.

  • The American team has exclusive access to a Shovel. It can be purchased at the shops. You spawn with a worse, default shovel.
  • The German shop has access to an Airstrike. This is a snowball, and when thrown onto the beach, it will call in a TNT Airstrike on the location that the snowball lands.

Information D-Day Battle Map

  • Germans team can not go onto the Beach, it will kill them. It means they can not camp the shoreline.
  • At Respawn Room, you can change the team
  • The beach will reset every 10 minutes, removing any damage caused.
  • Boats will automatically be destroyed when landing on the beach.
  • There are Random TNT sounds in the background.

Note from Creator

If you have any issues, let contact me via:

  • Co2byJ98 on Xbox
  • Co1byJ98#01010 0n Discord


You can get .Zip file here: Battle PVP Map

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