Backroom Explored Addon for Minecraft V1.3

Make your own backroooms map, add a variety of entities, items, and blocks from the Backroom fandom! Explore now with this addon!

Backroom Explored


Hound: Aggressive creatures. Deal only a medium amount of damage, but they can inflict nausea. You can hit Hound to make the retreat.

Death rats: Similar to the resemble the rat modern day, but in the Backroom Explored Addon they are very aggressive and attack anything.

Smiler: Dangerous creatures, deal a massive amount of damage and have high health

Skin stealers: dangerous creatures, it will not instantly attack, wear human disguise

Death moths: large territorial moths, medium health, can deal an area of attack damage

Wanderer: this is a human that no clipped into the backrooms, trades items and comes in different variants

Party goers:  a fun creature!! now can sing

Facelings: friendly creatures, protect Wanderers and attack anything hostile 

The Bacteria: from the Kane Pixel’s, very aggressive. Loud / NEW Model, texture

Crawlers: The spider was infected with unknown fungi that made them hostile. It’s very dangerous and can inflict poison

Strangler: a hostile creature, attack any wanderer 

Backroom Explored Addon v1.3

Minecraft Gun Mod


Party pooperDullerPrimodial smiler


Varieties of blocks and decorations are added in Backroom Explored Addon

Build Concept


Flintlock pistol 

Play can craft, then flint bullet in the crafting menu to reload the gun

  • Almond water: Gives regeneration and saturation 
  • Canned food: Gives saturation 
  • Liquid pain: gives the player fatal poison 
  • Carpet water: Gives poison and slowness 
  • Smiler repellant: Gives speed to the player 
  • Melted greasy marshmallow 
  • Bottle for collecting carpet water 
  • Camera: take pictures of entities, which can be obtained from an Unknown Researcher 
  • Medkit: Gives player regeneration

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Backroom Explored Addon
– Added: 
+ 20 new blocks
+ jerry robe and Party mask
+ sounds to Party goer and skin stealer
– Retextured 17 blocks
– Changed 6 entities
– 6 New entities
Backroom Explored

Backroom Explored 1.3
Backroom Explored 1.2
Backroom Explored 1.1

Minecraft Gun Mod

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