Autumn Pack | Texture Pack v1

A straightforward, static texture collection that will transport you to fall. In addition, this texture pack will receive ongoing updates through the conclusion of the season.

Since this texture pack is the most gorgeous thing you will ever see, and I’m not exaggerating, I won’t stop using it.

Cre: Hirx’s (Youtube, Twitter)

Autumn Pack

With this incredible texture pack, which is returned and will be around forever, welcome fall 2022 and the Halloween month! The autumn pack, which was the most well-liked texture pack I’ve produced, is once more available for download, so you can relive the lovely autumnal times with its orange, red, and yellow hues!

The static, neutral style of the fall pack sets it apart from other texture packs and enables you to enjoy autumn in peace without being overwhelmed by bright colors or light. It also offers a slight revamp of the textures to give the texture pack’s design a distinctive look.

Some Minecraft Texture PE you can check in

Autumn Pack

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Autumn Pack

Every week this month, this texture pack will be updated until autumn is entirely over. A special Halloween update may be issued in the coming days and a few days before October 31.

Here are some screenshots showing how the texture pack appears inside of MC.

Autumn Pack
Autumn Pack
Autumn Pack
Autumn Pack
Autumn Pack
Autumn Pack
Autumn Pack

Important note

This texture pack may have a few bugs because it’s still under development since the old autumn pack was removed we had to redo all the content from scratch so I hope you can support us


This texture pack will be updated every week of this month until the end of autumn completely, a special halloween update may be released in the next few days and a few days before October 31

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1- Download .mcaddon

2- Open the file and wait for it to automatically import into Minecraft

3- Activate the resource pack in your world.


If you can’t open the file, you’ll need to download a file explorer from your store.

More info:

Autumn Pack

Download Autumn Pack 🍂 | TwitchTube

Download Autumn Pack 🍂 | Linkvertise

Download Autumn Pack (Link Backup)

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