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Asian Roofs 2 map includes buildings and animals representing Asia. Besides, on the map, there are more than 30 professional villagers, 30 different large and small games. That’s an amazing map for player explore!!!

Creator: AsianRoofsTeam

Asian Roofs 2

This map is in fact a 512 x 768 world filled with Asian animals, customized for behavior. For example, hostile animals like tigers will only attack you when it’s hungry or provoked. Some animals have improved sexism and reproduction. In terms of hunting, we do not recommend it, but when we defeat an animal, the item received will be more than the default Minecraft version.

Architecturally of Asian Roofs 2 map, it is inspired by Asia, from Chinese culture to Indian and Arabic culture. You can recognize the different famous buildings, and most of them are built with great feats.

There are 3 play missions when you enter this world, and after completing you will receive some attractive rewards.


Asian Roofs 2

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