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A smart house with talking AI from the future with a beautiful and modern design! You can see the beauty of this map from the exterior to the furniture, inside to outside. Besides that, this house is designed on a custom terrain which has wonderful scenery and haunting caves!! An amazing map to explore

Cre: HankMMXVII (Interior Design and Redstone), DeeTB720 (Exterior Design)

A Smart House with Talking AI

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A smart house with talking AI, here you can meet HAL 9001. This is a talking super-intelligent computer that can chat, compliment, play music, and much more cool things


Smart House (Talking AI) is built with a lot of redstone and command block contraption.

What do you think about a secret basement with all the technologies inside? That will be a cool place you may dominate the world!!!

In this map, it was getting rid of the conventional enchantment table in place of the revolutionary enchantment wall by a press a button!! It also a super-efficient brewing station (fill with Awkward potions and Blaze powder automatically)

Besides that, a big cycle system storage allows you to cycle through 24 large chests by only press a button.

Let watch some of the captures from exterior to the furniture in this smart map

A working fountain, a spinning armor stand display, and realistic elevators! This is awesome modern map for you.


Smart House with Talking AI

You can get .ZIP file here: Smart House (Talking AI) [Creation]

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