Arena Of Valor Map (Beta 0.1)

Players of Arena of Valor, welcome! Congratulations, you’ve found the ideal post if you love AOV game, Welcome to Arena Of Valor Map and let import it in Minecraft.

An almost 95% accurate map created based on the video game Arena of Valor.

Please comment if you have any suggestions for the map while it is still in the creation stage so I can incorporate them. A lot more will likely be added in the near future!

Since the map in the game is constructed at 1:1 scale, it won’t be highly detailed; instead, focus on the little details.

Arena Of Valor Map

Cre: Gray Boy (Youtube, Twitter)


Arena Of Valor Map
Arena Of Valor Map
Arena Of Valor Map
Arena Of Valor Map
Arena Of Valor Map
Arena Of Valor Map
Arena Of Valor Map
Arena Of Valor Map

Hey! I need help!

I am not qualified to open the server and operate the 5v5 PVP competition like in the game. If you are a pro want to help me to open the server then contact me, I can leave all the ideas to you to open the server! Looking forward to your help.

Some Minecraft bedrock maps you can check more in


  • Map uploaded successfully.
  • Video link I will update later.
  • The map will be updated with more things in the near future.

Parkour Maps for Minecraft PE


The shader used in the illustration is Bicubic v2.5 low. Note if you play version 1.18.30 or higher please use shader that supports Render Dragon to replace the shader I suggest!

Arena Of Valor Map

I recommend using shaders and texture packs I suggested for the best experience. If your computer is too weak, just texture pack is more than enough!

Arena Of Valor Map

AOV Map by Gray Boy.mcworld (152.98 KB)

AOV Map Texture pack by Gray (156.44 KB)

Parkour Maps for Minecraft PE

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