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Welcome to Trivial Tweaks texture pack! It will improve many aspects of Minecraft such as making certain texture less obtrusive, water becomes easier to see. Special this pack improving your performance by reducing particles!

Cre: Ochri, Twitter, Youtube

Features Trivial Tweaks

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The feature of this pack includes:

  • Connected grass
  • Better stained glass
  • Translucent UI (inventory/chests/crafting/etc)
  • Doors and trapdoors are easier to see through
  • Clear water
  • Ore is outlined
  • Rain is more transparent and rain splashes are removed
  • No more annoying pumpkin outline when wearing a pumpkin
  • Shorter swords & bow charge indicators
  • Clear chat borders
  • Low-fire
  • Lower shields & totems
  • Numbered HUD
  • 50 types of unnecessary particles have been removed
  • And many more tweaks!

Remember: Go to the settings to select the features you want to use!

Here you can see some of the feature in this pack

Outlined ores:

Connected grass

Bow stages


TrapdoorsTrivial Tweaks

Clean redstone

Numbered HUD

Clean chat

Clear underwater vision


The UI Update:
– Added the translucent UI
– It applies to pretty much every in-game item menu; inventory/chests/crafting/anvil/smithing/horses/llamas/etc


  • Disable adblock if you use the mediafire link
  • If it fails to import, restart your game and try again
  • If it continues to fail, you might already have an older version of my pack installed. Just delete it and the import should work


ūüĎČ If you like this texture pack on our website, you can also check our¬†Glowing Eyes Texture Pack¬†created Luuk67;¬†Aero Star Modern¬†created by¬†M7MoGameR

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