Tractors Addon – Farm Vehicle

Tractors addon which is really useful for your farm, supports harvest, cultivate or make farmland,… Include 15 new tractors and easy to obtain in survival mode.

Cre: Infinite Addons (Twitter)

Tractors Addon

These tractors can help players grow various things such as carrots, potatoes, watermelon, wheat, etc. You can also add a cart to the tractors to transport the entire harvest with its extensive inventory

Tractors Characteristics

  • Health: 40
  • Maximum speed: 30km/h
  • Passenger capacity: 1
  • Inventory capacity: 16 slot, can be expanded up to 32 slot using a cart

How to prepare land for cultivation

1. Grow vegetables or plants: use a tractor in normal mode (in prepare crop land mode you will not be able to grow vegetables). To convert each mode, use a wooden hoe, then crouch down and press/click on the tractor that you want to convert to normal.

2. Grow vegetables: need to have a carrot, potato or any plant you want to grow, then crouch down and press/click on the tractor and you will be able to grow (to grow the plants/vegetables, you will need to go over the cropland so that the tractor can cultivate the plants since if the soil is not ready to be cultivated the tractor will not be able to sow.)

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

How to convert the tractors to harvest mode?

Use an Iron Hoe in your hand, then crouch down and press/click on the tractor to go into harvest mode, and you will be able to harvest all your crops.

How to place a cart on the tractors

Note: you can place a cart on any tractor except tractor 13 in Tractors addon.

First you need a cart item, then crouch down and press/click on the tractor to place the cart on it. The cart will allow the tractor to have more inventory to move the cart harvest somewhere


mcpeaddons download

Tractors Addon .mcaddon

or here backup link

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