Omega Dungeon Hardcore [MiniCTM]

Welcome to the Omega Dungeon, the mortal dungeon where represents hostility that Minecraft Bedrock edition can have. Your task has to take the wools and come back then. It sounds pretty simple, but this map is not as easy as you think.

Cre: SrInakiMC, Youtube, Twitter

Omega Dungeon

Try to finish the task in the map and come back


  • Skeletons can’t move
  • Zombies do a lot of damage, you should be careful with baby zombies
  • Wither skeletons have resistance
  • Recommended to play with brightness at 20%
  • The sewer way is easier


– I put the world with the behavior pack (I haven’t put it in the last version)
– Hope you enjoy the CTM map


Omega Dungeon

Get Omega Dungeon (suport creator)

Or you can get link Drvie here

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