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The best Medieval Engine for Minectaft (v2.0)


Come to explore Medieval Engine addon for Minecraft such as Rustic machines, Siege and medieval attacks, and Ancient transport. This addon let you play game with some activities of the middle ages!

Cre: Fraku92, Youtube, Twitter

Medieval Engine

This addon added 3 blocks, 3 items, and 20 new entities, craftable and obtainable in survival mode.

These machines can be able to defend themselves, attack, sow, harvest, navigate, mine and transport themselves on land or water, just as some medieval cultures did.



Craft this medieval workshop to help your own crafting table. It is essential to obtain all the entities and other blocks.

  • Items to craft the workshop: Planks, raw copper, and raw iron on the crafting table.

Worm Composter

You can get bone powder from dirt, kelp, sugar cane, nether warts, pumpkin, melon, potatoes, beets, wheat, carrots, and bamboo.

Craft: trapdoors and dirt by using Workshop

Wine and mead barrel

It gives you health regeneration but also makes you drunk for 30 seconds when you interact with it

Craft: log, honeycomb, water bottles in the workshop.

Medieval Engine Items

These items below are very essential to craft the entities of the addon. Using them as fuel for ovens.

Fiber: Using Wheat and Stick in the workshop to craft

Wheel: craft by workshop ( metarial: fiber, stick)

Beam: craft by workshop ( metarial:logs)


All entities in Medieval Engine addons are rideable, have private inventory and you can tame them. If you kill entities you can save their spawn and take it to abother site, just pressing the Sit button.

Wheat seeder

Crafting: Beams, wheels, wheat seeds. Command:
/give @s me:strigo_spawn_egg 1

Melon planter

Crafting: Beams, wheels, melon seeds. Command:
/give @s me:ssandia_spawn_egg 1


Crafting: Beams, wheels, potato seeds. Command:
/give @s me:spapa_spawn_egg 1 and /give @s me:sremolacha_spawn_egg 1

And other: Beetroot planter – Pumpkin Planter – Carrot Planter

Medieval Scythe

This medieval engine can kill monsters, sheep, chickens, pigs, cows and rabbits. Crafting: iron ingot, wheel, beam.

Other medieval engine:

  • Crop Harvester: Harvest crops, herbs, and flowers, and store them in your private inventory. Crafting: planks, wheel, stick.
  • Wall of spikes: Deals damage to monsters and players that get close to it. Crafting: fiber, beam.
  • Plow: Does the function of a hoe, but in an area of 9​​x9 blocks. Crafting: iron ingot, wheel, planks, stick
  • Cart: It serves as a transport but at the same time picks up the animals in its wagon. Crafting: wheel, beam.
  • Lever trap: Has a lot of damage. It activates when someone or something approaches it. Crafting: stick, pointed dripstone.
  • Bear trap: Activates when someone or something walks over it, it is used to immobilize players or entities, but players can get away when jumping. Crafting in medieval engine: iron ingot, wooden button.
  • Hidden trap: Works the same as a spiked wall, but smaller and with a larger area. Deals a lot of damage against monsters. Crafting: pointed dripstone, beam.
  • Trash Can: Drop items near it, it will pick them up, and when you click the “Delete” button the items will disappear.

Medieval engine Battering Ram

  • Destroys blocks in a 9×9 area, but leaves mineral blocks untouched for you to use.


 It launches projectiles at a distance of 50 blocks, these projectiles explode and destroy blocks. Even if there is an obstacle wall, the projectile will always explode on its final target falling vertically.

This entity will shoot to your left from the point where you spawn it so your target must be to your left before you spawn it.

Troy Horse medieval engine

It serves as a hiding place, and you can drive it, it will protect you from direct attacks.

If you like Medieval topic, you can check some other addons in Mcpeaddons.com:

Ballista: a turret that protects your area against monsters, it shoots arrows at them without having to reload it.


Explore ocean, rivers, etc. This boat was very popular on Vikings lifes. Has animation when you click on the “Sit” button.


Medieval Engine

Medieval Engine BP (v2.0) or here
Medieval Engine RP (v2.0) or here

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