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OSBES Apollyon Edition | Minecraft PE Shaders

OSBES Apollyon Edition is created for those who are tired of the boring graphics of Minecraft. It brings beautiful, realistic lighting. Creator: ApollyonDev This shader has...

Shaderless Shader v2.0 – Render Dragon

An ultra realistic shader for Minecraft Pe - Shaderless Shader will change the looks of the Minecraft game in a natural way. A shader...
Capricorn PE Shaders v3

Capricorn PE Shaders v3

Welcome to a package of shaders for the game Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Using the Capricorn PE Shaders pack will make your game look better,...
ESTN Shader

ESTN Shader Official Release Minecraft PE

ESTN Shader is a shader pack made to change your gameplay's look through a shader. It will change water noise, plant waves, shader-based sun...
RPS Shader v3

RPS Shader v3 | Minecraft PE Shaders

Get ready to see how realistic your game will be using these shaders. Scroll down and see the magic of RPS Shader. Creator: RPS...
Olesik Shader

Olesik Shader (Only Pocket Edition)

Olesik Shader is a very nice shader for weak devices with beautiful sky. realistic lightning ad varied colors. The shader has many advantages such...

OSBES Shader (v0.12.3a) (Rain Fox Hotfix)| Minecraft PE Shaders Pack

OSBES Shader is an Open Source Bedrock Edition. So Open source means that you can contribute to this shader development. On the repository page,...

Pisces PE Shaders v1.4

This is a light pack of shaders that players can be used on low-end devices. Pisces Pe Shaders is very simple but it will...

Reflex PE Shaders V3.9.4 | Minecraft PE Texture Pack

This is a realistic shader pack that you are able to run on mobile low devices. What's special about Reflex Pe Shaders? Well, this...

ENBS Shader v1.5 | Texture Pack

ENBS Shader - A shader fit for your low-end device. It's pretty not much laggy because it's checked on laggy gadgets. This is the...

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Fantasy Ores Addon Version 3.5

More minerals to Minecraft added into Fantasy Ores addon. Explore incredible 3D armor! Follow the rule: Use the links that are on this pageDo not modify...

ESBE 3G Shader | Minecraft PE Texture Packs

Do you know ESBE 2G Shader? Yeah, ESBE 3G Shader is the same creator as a 2D shader. It's wonderful! And like the previous...

ESBE 2G Shader

ESBE 2G is a shader pack for Bedrock platforms which makes your world beautiful on both mobile and pc.  You don’t have to prepare a...

10 Best furniture mods for Minecraft PE

In this article, Mcpeaddons.com recommend you "10 Best furniture mods for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)" Try now! Building the perfect base in Minecraft Pocket...

Swords and More Swords

A total of 37 magic swords with unique abilities are added by Swords and More Swords, including the wither sword, which withers anything in...
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