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This Safe House is the construction of a modern that has protection against mobs and anti players trolls!!!! It’s a really beautiful modern decoration that you can explore right now

Cre: TEAM CUBITOS MC, Youtube, Twitter

Functions of Safe House

Laser door protection

Lava contour protection

Rock house protection

Electric cage protection

Anti-mobs protection: only the owner and those with permits (OP) may enter the house

Fire or lava cannot be placed
Anti explosions
Creeper detect
Other players cannot destroy

Get permission to access Safe House

There will be 2 eggs in your inventory: OP and DEOP

  • OP: if you place this egg close to any player or mob, you will get permission to access your house
  • DEOP: opposite OP, you will remove the permits to access your home

For the operation of security systems, only command blocks and redstone were used.

Safe House Preview

Safe House (Map/Building/System) created by Andiuber (Youtube, Twitter)

Note from Creator

If you share this work, please respect the original link to the publication of the website of: Cubitos MC. Do not use direct links. “Thank you! “

For more information read our:
Terms and Conditions © Team Cubitos MC.


– Improved the decoration of the interior of the house
– The Laser gate is more realistic
– The electric cage now emits particles and sound
– Optimized all commands
Safe House

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1 year ago

How to download safe house plss teach me

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