Sigil’s Inspired Mini-Games Map

The Mini-Games Map is based on one of Sigil’s mini-game ideas where he and his friends press a button that gives them a random rarity or block which they place on a board with item frames till they complete a set, and that set is what they use to fight, though on this one.

Creator: Devourer113

Have you ever wanted to play the mini-games map plays with ssundee, henwy, biffle, and nicovald?

Well, you found one, on this map, you can add as many mods and add-ons as you want, and modify at as well.

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

Mini-Games Map

I may have modified just the button system a bit, the map can be modified in as to how you desire it to be.

Mini-Games Map

I’ve also added a guide book behind the build to guide you if you ever want to modify the commands used, there’s also an npc you can talk to for more info about the map.

Mini-Games Map
Mini-Games Map


mcpeaddons download

Sigil’s Inspired Mini-Games Map .mcworld

Explore more maps in MCPE Addons, some Minecraft maps suggest for you to explore:

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

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