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In “60 Ways to Die!”, the objective is simple: you must die in various weird and unique ways to progress to the next level! This map also puts its spin on the genre by including a bit of story elements, especially at the end.

Creator: Pigforday

Do you know about 60 ways to die in Minecraft?

There are 60 unique levels with rising difficulty and some bonus secrets, with 20 easy levels, 20 medium levels, and 20 hard levels to beat. Each level has been tested multiple times, but can make you rage, so beware!

60 Ways To Die

Good luck! Enjoy and HAVE FUN!

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE


  •  SINGLEPLAYER ONLY! Playing with more people will cause bugs.
  • Do not break blocks unless the level requires it
  • No Cheating
  • If you are unable to beat the level, use /kill
  • Most importantly, have fun! 😉
60 Ways To Die

Explore different ways to end your life! Some tedious, some straightforward!

60 Ways To Die
60 Ways To Die
60 Ways To Die

Listen to some tunes!

60 Ways To Die
60 Ways To Die
60 Ways To Die


mcpeaddons download

60 Ways To Die .mcworldlink

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Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

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