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The Arena Minecraft map is a fun and competitive game where two teams try to achieve the highest amount of score within 12 minutes. Where each player can select a character that will grow stronger through leveling up.

Creator: KingBlue0627

The Arena Minecraft map

Arena minecraft map

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

Two groups will attempt to realize a score of 30 inside 12 minutes either by overcoming adversaries or by taking their objective focuses. The group with the more prominent score when the amusement comes to 12 minutes,will win the diversion.

When players are crushed they will respawn at their Respawn Stage and the term some time recently they would respawn depends on how long they stay undefeated whereas overcoming the contradicting players. Producing stages will ceaselessly mend partners and evacuate certain conditions, like debuffs allowed by an contradicting player. When an contradicting player endeavors to step foot on the producing stage, they would ceaselessly take harm. 


Arena minecraft map


Arena minecraft map


Arena minecraft map

Characters have descriptions under the select button in order for you to understand and learn how they work. 

Activating Abilities: Simply Hold the item you want to activate, although there are certain conditions where you can’t activate the item( Silenced, Stunned, Controlled).

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

Raw Gold are obtained every 15 seconds and can be used to buy items.

Arena minecraft map

Objective Points are important structures which can help your team gain more gold, heal nearby allies every 5 seconds and deal damage to nearby enemies every 1.5 seconds as long as an ally is near that objective point.

An objective point can be obtained by going near it for 3 seconds. If it’s an enemy objective point, there should be no enemies near that objective point in order for it to be obtained.

Each allied objective point will give 1 Raw Gold every 15 seconds.

Other information will be found in the World so good luck and fun playing this game I’ve created.


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Arena Minecraft map .mcworldlink

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Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

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