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Sans Addon is a character of Undertale and this addon is made for the fan who loves San. It includes most of the popular characters such as Sans, Gaster, Chara, and fanmade character: Error404 sans.

Cre: H2Vwither123

Sans Addon

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He is one of strong character and can kill almost all monsters

  • 4 ways to attack hostile creatures.
  • Can avoid all kinds of attacks
  • Health point is infinity

You also can call him is Lazy Bone

Orange Bones

You will become very slow and easy to be hurt if Orange Bones attack you

Bone Lurkers

Your action will be slow down if Lurkers attack you

  • His attack is the most common one from Sans
  • Be careful though Bone Lurkers is weaker than Orange Bones attack

Blue Bones

Watch out around you because if you are attacked by Blue Bones, they make you floating in the air before you fall to die


They are thrown out by sans and give you a lot of damage.

Gaster Blaster

They are summoned by Sans. You will burn and haft-dead if Gaster Blaster attack you.


Minecraft level
+ Below 19: San will not attack you
+ At or above 19: Sans will give you a judgement

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Sans cannot be killed in a normal way. If you want to delete him, you have to use a command block
No one gives him single damage in survive mode, he can dodge any attacks

Sans’s second stage

If Sans addon can not beat his target in a minute, he will turn into his second stage. Here he can summon plenty of Gaster Blasters

Chara and Frisk

Frisk is controlled by Chara who is a fatal killer now.

She use Bloody Knife to attack. She will turn into Chara immediately if Frisk see her target

Bloody Knives

Chara will throw out them and make them become slow

Knife Luckers

It will make your actions become slow down

How to tame her?

Tame her by using her knife:

  • Using the command to get knife: /give @s chara: item
  • Right-click Chara/Frisk with Knife to tame her
  • Right-click on her to let her sit or stand

She will follow and protect you. She will attack all hostile mobs and your target


Enable Experimental Gameplay to use this addon

  • Turn on Sansmode by using type: /function sansmode
  • You don’t have infinity strength value as real sans.
  • You only have 12 strength values, but the strength value bar will restore each second. If Strength value downs to 0, you will be slow and easy to be killed.

You are able to use Bones with Sans’s incredible power

Damage: 1 – It takes you 1 strength value

Gaster Blasters: You can summon this powerful weapon to burn your target

Damage: 1+ 3 burning damage – it takes you 3 strength value

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Blue heart : It is used for keeping the distance between you and your target

Damage: 1+ 2 knock off damage – It takes you 2 strength value

Teleport: use this item to teleport, it will help you escape

Damage: 0 – It takes you 3 strength values.


  • Use this item, you will be able to control the gravity
  • The strength value’s restore velocity will become very fast.
  • When you are in Judgement mode, mob near you will float and fall to die

Green heart

Green heart is given when you are in Judgement mode. You can control gravity and even you can let all the mobs float for 5 seconds by using this item

Damage: 1+3 falling damage – It takes you 3 strength value

Type: /tag @s remove sans to turn off Sansmode


He is a hostile mob. He is not the strongest but can kill most of mobs (created by 雨白桦)

It can also use Bones and Lurkers as well

Damage: 100

Gaster Blaster

Damage: 200

  • Change your game mode and use/kill.
  • He is able to crash your game randomly
  • He has the second stage
  • Note: this addon still low-quality, It will be updated some new things to him soon


Gaster is a secret character of Undertale and not as friendly as Sans. He will attack all hostile mobs and player

He will summon some Gaster Blasters and Black Lurkers on first stage

If Gaster can’t kill his target in 12s, he will turn into his second stage!

He will summon a lot of powerful gaster blasters. He can fly, so it will be very hard to beat him, even very difficult to touch him!

Note from creator:

  • This is not the full version of this addon
  • The latest version of this addon is chargeable.
  • This addon’s creator: H2Vwither123,QQ: 913702423

If you want to share this addon, you can only use MCPEDL’s link, not your own link. You also can’t share the direct link, or I swear I will give you a copyright strike.


– Bugs fixed
– Saness and Bloody Gaster update!
– Thank you for supporting us by downloading this addon


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[…] Sans Addon (Xans Update) […]


[…] Sans Addon for Minecraft PE (Xans Update) […]


[…] Sans Addon (Xans Update) […]

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