Alien Dungeon

Earth had been visited by a mysterious life form. Humans attempted to meet them with kindness. The Alien Dungeon on the other hand, mistook us for an attack. As a result, they wreaked havoc around the globe, murdering millions of people. You’ve figured out how to beat the aliens.

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Alien Dungeon

The only way to defeat the aliens is to murder their Alpha and put an end to humanity’s agony. As a result, you’ll have to engage in a series of perilous deeds in order to eliminate it.

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The first trap has been discovered. The floor has vanished. Only a few pieces left. To get to the third floor, you must parkour through the remaining floor.

Alien Dungeon combines a number of minigames into a single map. From parkour to mazes to mob fights to bespoke boss fights and more, there’s something for everyone. The goal of the game is to defeat the Alpha of the aliens, who is also the game’s boss. The alpha is still on the spaceship’s fifth floor. Because he, the leader, anticipated your arrival, he set up various traps for you.

You begin by entering the alien’s space ship with your companion Mason, who assists and advises you. The aliens meet you as soon as you enter. When you see the aliens who kidnapped your friends and families, your blood boils with rage. As your fury grows, you begin to exact vengeance for the lives they have taken. You were successful in retaliating against your friends and families. You take the elevator to the second floor.


master maps for minecraft

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You finally make it to the third story, sweating profusely. There are rooms on the third story, but no one is there; you can see the entrance to the fourth floor, but it is locked. You must locate the button in order to open the entrance to the fourth floor. The button could be in any of the rooms. You begin looking for the button. You eventually find the button after a slew of failed attempts. The fourth-floor door has finally been opened.

The fourth story is huge, and it’s crammed with doors. Which way do you want to go? You’re perplexed. However, you soon understand that this is yet another alpha trap. This maze must be completed in order to reach the Alpha. You prepare yourself by attempting to complete the maze.

You finally got there after going down a series of dead ends. The fifth story, the Alpha’s door. You’ve finally met the alpha. It is now your turn to revenge all of your loved ones; you are the only person who can put an end to mankind’s never-ending misery. Now you assault with wrath.

Alien Dungeon

Download Alien Dungeon or Alien Dungeon (File Drive)

master maps for minecraft

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