Minecraft Lucky Blocks Mods and Maps – All in one

Dropping items in the game is not too strange to you? And are you tired of the item dropping nothing out of the ordinary? Come test your luck with Minecraft Lucky Block! Try to see what will fall when you smash it!

Creator: PAVN (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter)

Minecraft Lucky Blocks

Do you know the famous Minecraft Lucky Block? Alright! These addons and maps will add this into your world! You could get a variety of good items such as weapons and tools, diamond blocks, armor, some rare items that are hard to find,… and much more unless you’re unlucky of course. It all depends on your luck in the Lucky Blocks mods and maps for Minecraft PE!


– Famous Minecraft Lucky Blocks mods and maps for Minecraft
– Collect the best race for experience
– Play with your friends
– Installer in one click
– It is compatible with all versions of Minecraft.
– Support with other addon & mods or texture packs
– Instant download and install for free
– Automatically suggest the newest and trending Lucky Block
– No need for third-party applications
– The most interesting lucky block races for mcpe – break them (blocks) and test your luck

This Minecraft Lucky Blocks addon and map made your gameplay funnier with a more exciting experience!

Invite your friends to join the fun adventure with this Minecraft Lucky Block. You can use these lucky block packs to make your survival or creative worlds more exciting or create some minigames to play. Remember to destroy a block you will give random things that can give you good things like bad.

What came out was almost unpredictable. it can also be found in your world. Keep in mind that breaking the lucky block will randomly turn you into what can happen, both good and bad… Also, in the end, you can fight with your friend.

Check out other apps for Minecraft on mcpeaddons.com:

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

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Croos Erickson Cuizon
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