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Master Builder for Minecraft PE will help you build structures automatically and instantly! Now you don’t need to spend many hours building structures, this auto-build will give you so many cool buildings and structures with more than 500+ buildings to choose from!

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Master Builder

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Download a huge skyscraper, floating island, or anything else in the Master builder app, then export to your Minecraft world. This app will help you achieve your dream in an easy way


  • More than 20 categories and 1000+ structures to choose from include skywards, floating islands, medieval villages, modern buildings, castles… and many other things else for you.
  • With one click, you can build your buildings automatically with Builder for Minecraft
  • A simple app with a clear and intuitive interface
  • The data is constantly updated, there are always new buildings for you
  • All buildings and constructions can be restored in-game

How to use Master Builder

  • Open the game and create a new world. (Or in your old world)
  • Suggestion to choose a flat, wide-open meadow for the best building result.
  • Exit game.
  • Go to Master builder for Minecraft PE toolbox, select your structures, load your previously created world, then click Build
  • Back to the game again and see your new structure has been auto built


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Master Builder for Minecraft

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