Minecraft In One Block V2.3 [Survival]

Minecraft In One Block, with starting solely on a grass block, travel to the last dimension and slay the dragon. You can also be touched by creatures like animals or monsters, and this will vary when you break it.

Cre: Toramtyces (youtube, twitter)

Minecraft In One Block


Parkour Maps for Minecraft PE

You will begin this map in one block, and you must leave this block with everything you need to kill the enderdragon.

You must eliminate the lone block in the world—the one beneath your feet—in order to begin the game. Do not fear, though; there will be more appearing after that. When you shatter a block, a variety of objects, including various sorts of blocks, minerals, chests, animals, and monsters, may appear.

Every certain number of broken blocks you will go to the next stage, in total there are 10:

– Forest

– Cave 

– Snowy 

– Desert 

– Jungle 

– Oceano 

– Nether 

Parkour Maps for Minecraft PE

– Mansion 

– Stronghold 

– Miscellaneous 

Your phase will determine the sort of block that occurs; for instance, if you are in the forest phase, you are most likely to get grass, wood, or clay. You will most likely receive blocks of netherrack, lava, or netherbrick if you are in the nether phase. Thus, for all stages. Depending on this element, monsters and animals may also appear.

The doorway to the end will appear at the start of the Miscellaneous stage! To activate it and access this dimension, you must obtain the required eyes.

You will possess the map once the Enderdragon has been slain!

Several types of blocks can appear

Minecraft in one block

Even special chests

Even special chests

Minecraft In One Block

You should expand your base little by little!

Minecraft In One Block
Minecraft In One Block
Minecraft In One Block

When you shift phases, bedrock will become visible.

Minecraft In One Block

And, at the beginning of phase 10, the portal to the end!

Minecraft In One Block

You should expand your base little by little!



Map made by: Toramtyces

If you make a video of this map, don’t forget to place the credits! 😀

Some others Minecrat Bedrock Maps you can check more in Mcpeaddons.com:


  • No more creepers in the cave phase
  • Tree buds are more likely to appear
  • The bug that caused only blocks of grass to appear has been fixed.
  • Improvements have been made in the map performance.


For more details on how to install the content of this post, click here:


mcpeaddons download

Download Minecraft In One Block

or here

Parkour Maps for Minecraft PE

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