DireWolf SMP Skinpack For MCPE

Like its name, DireWolf SMP Skinpack For MCPE is a kind of skinpack for DireWolf SMP created from Phoenix. It’s not a server, it’s just a normal world that brings fantastic items. 

Cre: XxPhoenixAshxX

5 Skin in DireWolf SMP Skinpack

There are 5 skins for players to choose from when adding on this skin pack.

The First Skin

The first skin is the first created by the author after the bonus skin. According to the author, It’s meant to look like the drawing that I made for the discord server icon.

The Second Skin

The second is a lilac skin, this item was created by the author to dedicate to one of the 2 admins on the SMP. She is the author’s best friend. Although, it’s not a very good skin AT ALL but the author tried making it anyway, and finally, she didn’t use this skin.

New Year Minecraft Skin

The Third Skin

The 3rd skin is a bogus skin that the author inspired by a witch from Italy who grew up in Brooklyn. when she moved from England as a child and since then they’ve been best friends the author because she liked her skin, so he created this skin color.

The Fourth Skin

The 4th skin is similar to the 3rd skin, it isn’t for a real person, she’s the author’s oc. Her name is Zelia Williams but everyone just calls her Lia. she and Phoenix met when she was 18 years old after her twin brother and Phoenix’s ex introduced them, a year later they started dating. 

The Last Skin

Last is bonus skin, this is the skin that the author is proud of month skin. “I know it’s July now but for me, pride month is every month and I just really like this skin. If you don’t know what the pride flag under the overalls is it’s Whatromantic”. That’s what the author said about his pride in the final skin. 

If you want to change your character, download DireWolf SMP Skinpack For MCPE right through the link we have available below


DireWolf SMP Skinpack

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