How to make a map in Minecraft & track your location?

The Minecraft world is so huge that losing track of where you are is easy. It can also be tough to find your way back to places you’ve been before. Making a map in Minecraft would help you in survival games.

Make a map in Minecraft and track places you’ve visited. Additionally, it allows you to anticipate the type of terrain you’ll face in advance, ensuring you have the necessary items prepared.

Making or Finding a map in Minecraft

In the game “Minecraft,” players have three options for acquiring a map: crafting one, trading for one, or locating one in a chest.

1. Crafting a map

In order to create a map in Minecraft, you will require a single compass and eight sheets of paper. Both the compass and paper can be crafted using the raw materials that you will need to mine and scavenge for in your world.

In “Minecraft Bedrock Edition,” players have the option to craft a basic map by combining nine pieces of paper. This map will display the surrounding land but will not show your exact location. Additionally, players can choose to begin a new game with a map already provided by enabling the “Starting Map” option in the World Preferences menu prior to world creation.

Firstly, paper: Crafting pieces of sugar cane together will give you paper.

When you arrange three sugar cane pieces in a line on the crafting table, you will receive three sheets of paper. Therefore, you will require a minimum of nine sugar cane pieces for your map.

make a map in minecraft

Secondly, a compass:

  • Both iron and redstone can be found in underground caves.

To create one of these, you will need four iron ingots and one piece of redstone dust. Iron ore and Redstone dust can be found easily while mining, particularly as you approach the lower levels of map in Minecraft. It is necessary to use an iron pickaxe or a better tool to mine redstone.

make a map in minecraft
  • Place ingots in each of the cardinal directions, and some redstone dust in the center.

After obtaining a piece of redstone dust and four blocks of iron ingot, proceed to smelt the ore in a furnace to obtain four iron ingots. Then, arrange four ingots around the center block at the crafting table where the redstone dust will be placed.

make a map in minecraft

Thirdly, create a map in minecraft:

After gathering your materials, you will be able to create a map. Position the compass in the central slot of the 3×3 crafting table space, and place a piece of paper in each of the remaining nine slots.

make a map in minecraft

2. Where can a map in Minecraft be found?

Maps can be found in chests. Besides luck, you can trust the following frequencies to find a map.

  • Sunken shipwrecks may contain treasure chests with an approximately eight percent chance of holding a map.
  • A stronghold’s library chest has an estimated 11 percent chance of containing a map.
  • The cartographer’s chest in a village has an almost 50 percent likelihood of holding a map.
make a map in minecraft
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Using a map in Minecraft

We have generated a map, however, it’s empty. To populate the map, you must physically hold it, interact with the screen, or right-click to display the surrounding scenery on the map.

make a map in minecraft

Your location will correspond to the white arrow on the map. If you move, it also moves on the map.

make a map in minecraft

Naturally, the size of your “Minecraft” world extends beyond the boundaries of the map. If you venture beyond its limits, you have the option to create a new map to continue tracking your location, or expand the view of your existing map.

You have the ability to enlarge your map by adding eight additional pieces of paper at a crafting table, or just one more piece of paper at a cartography table. This process can be repeated up to four times, with each zoom level doubling the map’s coverage area.

Tracking your location in Minecraft maps

In order to place a marker, you must first create a banner. Banners can be crafted by arranging six pieces of wool of the same color in the top two rows and placing one stick in the bottom-middle slot of your crafting table. Additionally, you should name the banner using an anvil, which will require one experience point.

make a map in minecraft

After obtaining your banner, proceed to the desired location and set the banner on the ground. Next, while holding the map, interact with the banner.

If executed correctly, a marker will appear on your map, matching the color and position of the banner you placed.

make a map in minecraft

Apart from the markers you manually insert, there are not many other icons visible on the map. Your location is represented by a distinctive white dot. Similarly, other players will also be displayed with this identical white dot.

Making map in Minecraft will help you know the overall locations on the map. You can also easily find the locations you want to mark. Isn’t it amazing? Hope you will make your own map.

Suggestion Master maps for Minecraft PE:

map in Minecraft
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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