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The Halloween Mash-up resource pack is good, however it lacks several features seen in the Legacy Console Edition. This Halloween Mash-up Patch restores Bedrock Edition’s lost features and offers the option to utilize the original Halloween 2013 Texture Pack, which has a few minor modifications that are listed below.

Creator: AgentMindStorm

Halloween Mash-up Texture Packs

Halloween Mash-up Patch

The Halloween Mash-up Patch also adds the Halloween songs to compatible music player packs and makes the Halloween Mash-up completely compatible with the Deferred Renderer, Ray Tracing (RTX), Java, and Console Aspects.

What is Render Dragon in Minecraft PE?

Shadow Update (2.1.0)

  • Added support for the Deferred Renderer and Ray Tracing (RTX)
  • Potion particle colors now match the textures
  • Chest inventory icons now match the models
  • The block breaking animation is now less dark like Console Edition
  • Launched fireworks now use the texture from Console Edition
  • Soul lanterns are now animated like normal lanterns
  • Hotbar end caps are now aligned correctly


  • Halloween Mash-up Patch Added animated block shading compatibility for Aspects packs
  • Added fishing hook, shulker bullet, and boss bar compatibility for Aspects packs
  • Added beacon, piglin head, and turtle egg item icon compatibility for Aspects packs
  • The sky is now orange when using the Deferred Renderer
  • Light sources are now emissive when using the Deferred Renderer or Ray Tracing
  • Halloween 2015: Block light is now tinted green when using the Deferred Renderer

Minecraft Shaders

Halloween 2015:

  • The empty enchantment table lapis slot now matches lapis instead of blue dye
  • Halloween music now plays in desert, mesa, jungle edge, and cherry grove biomes

Halloween 2013:

  • Added empty smithing and enchantment table slot icons
  • Biome music playlists now match 1.20


  • Reduced Halloween Mash-up Patch size by more than 30 MB by optimizing main menu panoramas
  • Music may now have 20-60 seconds between songs
  • Halloween 2015: Crimson and warped stem animation intervals are now equal
  • Halloween 2015: The credits now use Halloween menu music instead of the default music
  • Halloween 2015: Boss bars and villager trading experience no longer use the vanilla textures
  • Hover text outlines are now sized correctly
  • Sky and horizon colors now match Console Edition
  • Overworld fog now matches the skybox except during weather
  • Mangrove swamps now use swamp fog distance
  • Cherry groves now have the correct water color and fog
  • Nether fog is once again the correct brightness
  • Lava fog is now green in the overworld
  • Sculk catalyst animations are now slower
  • Removed outdated spawn egg textures


  • Updated the minimum game version required to use the pack to 1.20.30, which means this pack is no longer compatible with earlier versions
  • Changed pack UUID to be compatible with earlier versions of this pack
  • Updated Halloween Mash-up Patch version to 2.1.0


  • Paintings should be invisible from behind, but due to the way Bedrock Edition renders paintings, the front is visible from either side.
  • The sky color is biome-specific on Console Edition, but since the cubemap used in this pack is set for the whole world, it uses the plains sky.
Supported Minecraft versions


Please note: This Halloween Mash-up Patch is NOT a copy of the Official Pack. You have to apply the Patch above the original Mash-up from the Marketplace for the pack to work. This is to ensure the patch doesn’t infringe on copyright. The Halloween Mash-up Patch does not distribute files from the Halloween Mash-up.

The Halloween Mash-up Patch brings back missing texture and color features. Here’s a full list of changes:

  • Thick, moody fog and orange sky
  • Purple clouds
  • Per-biome water coloring and transparency
  • Cohesive grass textures
  • Unique stained glass textures
  • Unique wool textures
  • Accurate bed and shulker coloring
  • Old potion particle colors
  • Transparent birch, spruce, and dark oak door textures
  • Textured piston arms
  • Fiery launched fireworks
  • Natural sculk and Nether stem animations
  • Clean block animations
  • Improved block rotation
  • Smaller chest inventory icons
  • Thematic boss bars
  • Solid crosshairs
  • Pumpkin Minecoins (and other minor menu changes)
  • Accurate Mash-up world panorama
  • Deferred Renderer Only: Green-tinted block light

These changes have a significant influence on the global atmosphere.

Halloween Mash-up Texture Packs

The Halloween Mash-up subpack slider may be used to select the Halloween 2013 look. It varies from the present Mash-up in several aspects, which are listed below. Stained glass, wool, and paintings, for example, have varied textures in each style. The following is the complete list of Halloween 2013 exclusives:

🎃Halloween 2023 Features
  • Overhauled menus
  • Monster-focused paintings
  • Normal Minecraft music
  • Spooky Nether panorama
  • The following blocks are no longer animated:
  • Dandelion and poppy
  • Green and pink wools
  • Cactuses
  • Glowstone
  • Nether stems
  • Sculk and sculk vein
Halloween Mash-up Patch Minecraft Texture Packs

The color palette for Halloween 2013 is purple-green, as opposed to orange for Halloween 2015.

Halloween Mash-up Patch Minecraft Texture Packs

If you utilize a suitable music player pack at the same time, the seven Halloween mash-up songs will show in the music player below the Wild Update area.

Halloween Mash-up Patch Minecraft Texture Packs

Flowers and other animated blocks that may jam out with you on the music player no longer fade between frames.

The Halloween Mash-up Patch includes Deferred Renderer shaders and Ray Tracing (RTX) functionality. With a typical Halloween flare, enjoy realistic lighting and shadows.


Apply the Halloween Mash-up Patch above the Halloween Mash-up resource pack and a suitable music player pack in the Global Resources panel to add the Mash-up music to the music player.

For the music player, you may utilize either Music+ or Music Player UI Lite. Apply Java or Console Aspects below both the Mash-up and the Patch for Java Aspects and Console Aspects compatibility.

How to convert Java Texture Packs to MCPE and Bedrock Edition

activate Halloween Mash-up Pack
Remember to activate Halloween Mash-up Patch

The Halloween Mash-up Patch is only effective when used in conjunction with the Halloween Mash-up resource pack. The patch will not function properly without the Mash-up. The Halloween Mash-up bundle may only be obtained through the Marketplace.

Halloween Mash-up Patch

Download the Halloween Mash-up Patch (MediaFire)

🎃Halloween Mash-up Texture Pack (Drive)

If you like this Halloween Mash-up Patch, browse for more Minecraft Texture Packs with us right here!

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