Half-Life 2 RP

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A sizable terrain for role-playing games based on the Half-Life 2 universe. You may find residences, a functional teleport, add-ons for the greatest game, and much more here. There is background music, Brin broadcasting, and other audio on the map.

Creator: Blue_Slime

Half-Life 2 RP

Half-Life 2 RP
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The map’s textures, shaders, sounds, and addons are all unique. The map is not constructed exactly as it was in the first game. Numerous residential structures, modified equipment, and armor are all present. Some doors are utilized as teleports to other locations even though they don’t open; to use them, simply approach them head-on.

Train station, City 17 ruins, Distant City, Citadel, Sewers, Canals, Coast (Highway 17), Eastern Black Mesa, Ravenholm, and one site from EP2 are the principal locales.

Screenshots from Location v9.2
Half-Life 2 RP
Half-Life 2 RP
Half-Life 2 RP
Half-Life 2 RP
Half-Life 2 RP

Screenshots from Location v10.7

Half-Life 2 RP
Half-Life 2 RP
Half-Life 2 RP
Half-Life 2 RP

I’m building a map on xiaomi redmi 9T


1)Chisel for Bedrock Editon – is the main addon of the map (https://mcpedl.com/chisel-bedrock-editon/)

My recommendations:

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1)XmGuns (+ weapons. -not compatible with addons 2 and 3) (https://mcpedl.com/xm-guns-add-on/)

2)More Body Actions! (+ the ability to sit, lie down and crawl. -not compatible with addons 1 and 3) (https://mcpedl.com/real-sit-addon/)

3)Borgy’s mobs or Half-Life addon (+zombies and headcrabs. -not compatible with addons 1 and 2) (https://mcpedl.com/borgys-mobs/)(https://mcpedl.com/hl-addon-1/)


Use skyboxes to visually make the world darker.

Some Maps Minecraft PE you can check in Mcpeaddons.com:

Sample of Skyboxes
Half-Life 2 RP
Half-Life 2 RP





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More screenshots v9.2:


More screenshots v10.7:



BETA 9.2

  • The map has been moved to version 1.18.0
  • Changes to the lost coast location – temporarily unavailable
  • Extended location (Canals)
  • Optimized teleport operation
  • Added new sounds
  • New textures added and modified
  • Some locations have been redone/decorated
  • Coordinates have been updated in the start book

Fixed bugs on the map
Map version 10.7 – Rebuild update (Part 1)

•2 new locations have been built
•Rebuilding locations: train station, city17, Kleiner laboratory, canals
•Optimization of sounds running on CB
•Optimization of teleport
•Changed rooms for sound management (admin room)
•Added textures
•Added sounds
•The ability to open gates in buildings
•New shaders
•Citadel has become higher
•Minecart sounds have been changed
•Improved the quality of paintings
•City17 and canals are combined

Half-Life 2 RP
Create guns, furniture, animations in ONE toolbox. Try now:
Half-Life 2 RP


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Blue Slime
Blue Slime
1 month ago

Thank you for promoting my project.

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