Farmer’s Delight Bedrock (Unofficial Port) | Minecraft Mods 1.20+

Farmer’s Delight Bedrock Add-on includes new crops and a wide variety of food, as well as an interactive cooking system that includes a functional cooking pot and cutting board.

Creator: Pupy200mine (Youtube)

Farmer’s Delight Bedrock (Unofficial Port)

Farmer's Delight Bedrock (Unofficial Port)

This is an unofficial port of the mod “Farmer’s Delight” made by Vectorwing


These are the foods added by this Farmer’s Delight Bedrock addon.


Drinks in Farmer's Delight Bedrock

How to get ham? Right click on a pig with a knife:

Right click on a pig to get ham

Minecraft Shaders

Feast Foods

Feast Foods in Farmer's Delight Bedrock

Share with your friends a slice of pie, maybe a chicken… or maybe all to yourself?

Rich Soil

Rich Soil Farmer's Delight Bedrock

Your crops will grow faster with this block! However, in order to do so, you must first create organic compost.

Rich Soil Crafting Recipe

Place it in the ground, and it will gradually transform into rich soil.
Place a log on a cutting board and cut it with an axe to make tree bark.

Mushroom colony

You can now have a mushroom farm with this new function. To make it work you must have rich soil, and place the mushroom on top, it will grow like any other plant.


With these crops you will be able to create new foods!

Crops in Farmer's Delight Bedrock

This Farmer’s Delight Bedrock Add-on adds 4 New Crops:

  • Cabbage
  • Onion
  • Tomatoes
  • Rice

These crops are Scattered all over the world:

Cabbage & Beetroot

Found mainly on the Beach & occasionally in River

Farmer's Delight Bedrock


Found in Oak, Birch & Dark oak forests

Potato in Farmer's Delight Bedrock

Carrot & Onion

Found in Plains

Carrot & Onion in Farmer's Delight Bedrock

Wild Tomato

Found in the Savanna

Wild Tomato in Farmer's Delight Bedrock

Wild Rice

Found in Jungle & Swamps

Wild Rice in Farmer's Delight Bedrock

Keep in mind:

These crops can’t be planted on vanilla farmland!
That’s why there is a new block: The Delight Dirt!

It works exactly the same as the vanilla farmland

Delight Dirt in Farmer's Delight Bedrock

You just need to put 1 Dirt on the Crafting table & you will get the Delight Dirt

With that dirt, you can only plant the addon crops🍅


A cutting board is required for cutting various foods.

Cutting board in Farmer's Delight Bedrock

Cutting board recipes:


Farmer's Delight Bedrock


Farmer's Delight Bedrock


Farmer's Delight Bedrock


Farmer's Delight Bedrock


Shovel crafting recipe in Farmer's Delight Bedrock

But for this you need a knife!


Knives in Farmer's Delight Bedrock

They are Very easy to make:
You just need a Stick & respective Minerals (Flint, iron, gold, diamond & netherite)

But be careful!
Using it will damage the tool by 1 point, use it with care!


First, you need these 2 blocks:

  • Stove
  • Cooking Pot

Place the Cooking Pot on top of the Stove, like this:

Cooking in Farmer's Delight Bedrock
And it should start to bubble & smoke🍲

How it works?

It functions similarly to a crafting table!
(You put the ingredients in, and you get the food) But remember, the cooking pot must be on top of the stove, or it will not work…

This is what it looks like:

(Thanks kanadeyoru for making the UI possible)

Cooking Pot Farmer's Delight Bedrock

Addon language

This Farmer’s Delight Bedrock addon has the following languages:

Farmer's Delight Bedrock Language

Thanks to the following people for helping me to translate the addon into different languages:

  • Snow (Portuguese)
  • _.xrichardx._ (Spanish)
  • L10NDev and bilibilimr.pineapple (Chinese)
  • kontemhonn (Russian)
  • Peaw (Turkish)
  • kontemhonn (Ukrainian)
  • Villager6404 (Nederlands | Dutch)

If you want to help with any other language send me a message to my Discord: Pupy200mine#5915

That’s all the main thing!
But there’s so much more to discover, try everything you see!


◆ Activate all experimental functions! and make sure you have version 1.20.30+

◆ Something is not working correctly but you think you have done everything right?
Send me information or images of the error to my discord: Pupy200mine#5915

Farmer's Delight Bedrock

Download Farmer’s Delight Bedrock by Pupy200mine (All versions)

Backup link

Supported Minecraft versions

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