Divine Dimension Addon Minecraft

A new portal appears in Minecraft world in a different way, a new realm, or a brand new dimension in Minecraft. Those things are incredible!! This Divine Dimension Addon will bring an entire realm to your map along with some brand new tools, armor and mobs as well, also with a small boss fight.

Cre: CrazyRap

Divine Dimension

Don’t forget to Enable EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

How to make the portal?

Divine Portal Frame: you will need a flint and steel and a Divine Pearl.

To make the portal: you will need to place the Divine Portal Frame in front of you and light it on fire 4 times with the flint and steel.

Then the rest of the portal frame to appear in front of you, after that you will need to place the Divine Pearl at both ends of the frame and the portal will open!

👉 Check the video below to know how to activate the portal

After jumping in it, you will see a place called The Divine Realm!

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

You come to Divine Foxes and Divine Axolotls and maybe even see a few rare Divine Phantoms flying around,…

You will file a small village protected by the Divine Evoker

Craft the Tools and Armor 


Divine Dimension

Divine Dimension Addon BP (or backup link)
Divine Dimension Addon RP (or backup link)

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Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

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