ColoredWater Texture Pack

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There are three versions of the ColoredWater Texture Pack (for three different colors). Lime, yellow, and red are among the colors used. By turning on any of the texture packs, you will modify the color of the water textures, particles, and other water-related elements. Although you might not have expected some of the hues, there will be enhancements made in subsequent versions, along with the addition of new colors.

Cre: darkthemer (formerly Minecrafter_001) (Youtube)

ColoredWater Texture Pack

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Review ColoredWater Texture Pack:


ColoredWater Texture Pack
ColoredWater Texture Pack


ColoredWater Texture Pack
ColoredWater Texture Pack


ColoredWater Texture Pack
ColoredWater Texture Pack

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There are more colors than the ones listed above!

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ColoredWater Texture Pack

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