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Changing the design of the all-door in Minecraft that makes them blend in with the surrounding terrain in the best way. Mobs like villagers or zombies will treat the doors like before. So, it is more appropriate with multiplayer servers, there is an easy option to hide something like a base.

Cre: RealMrLava

How to it work?

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You can see here some of the doors have been redesigned. It looks like some popular terrain blocks in Minecraft, so you can use this resource pack to hide your base from other players.

However, Camouflage Doors only works when the player has got this pack and enable at the same time as you. For example, this resource pack is required for a certain world.

List change of the door:

  • Oak Door = Dirt Door
  • Spruce Door = Cobblestone Door
  • Birch Door = Sand Door
  • Jungle Door = Red Sand Door
  • Acacia Door = Stone Door
  • Dark Oak Door = Granite Door
  • Iron Door = Andesite Door
  • Wooden Trapdoor = Dirt Trapdoor
  • Iron Trapdoor = Stone Trapdoor

Download Camouflage Doors

Camouflage Doors

You can get a .ZIP file here: Camouflage Doors Resource Pack

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1 year ago

Can you actually do an google drive please. I can’t open the site that you post.

Javez Morris
Javez Morris
1 month ago

Put it on drive 😑

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