HTRE Shader | Minecraft PE Texture

HTRE Shader is one of the best shaders for slow devices, such as a Kindle Fire HD8 7th gen, which can barely run any nice shaders. I tried the highest-rated shaders on the Kindle and it lagged so much! That is why I created this Shader! I wanted a good shader with no lag at … Read more

Mermaid Tails Addon | Minecraft PE Addons

This Add-on brings you mermaid tails in 5 variations: Aqua, Red, Blue, Green and Pink! When you use a tail and swim in the water, your swimming speed increases! Cre: GuihermeMC0 The Tails come in: RED PINK BLUE GREEN LIGHT GREEN How to get the tails? It’s very simple! Tails can only be obtained through … Read more

Portal Gun Add-on | Minecraft PE Add-on

This add-on adds a functional portal gun to the game, based on the portal from the popular game Portal, Portal 2 it’ll help you travel around your world. No scripts involved! To get the blue portal you’ll need to craft it. It requires a nether star which is hard to obtain in survival mode. Cre: … Read more

Mettaton! Add-ons (v1.1 update) | Minecraft PE Addons

It’s been a while, guys! Mettaton is the ultimate sexy robot character from the Undertale. An indie RPG game by Toby Fox If you’re been a fan of Undertale, you will probably already know about him. Ever wanted to fight him in a 3 dimension world? Ever wanted to join his fan club? Here we … Read more

Raptors Project Addon | Minecraft PE Addons

Raptors Project adds more raptors, they can be tamed or cause great trouble for you. In addition, dinosaurs will appear naturally in this world. Velociraptor osmolskae Velociraptor osmolskae us a kind of velociraptor with the longest snout, it is a little faster than normal, you can make it with Velociraptor mongoliensis to achieve a bigger … Read more

Find the Lever | Minecraft PE Maps |

“Find the buttons” is familiar to Minecraft players, and you want to find a new way to play? In this map, instead of searching for buttons, you have to go find the lever! Search for and flick levers in traditional and unique ways in 1 giant confined level. This map’s theme is QUEST, and this … Read more

Cedar Camp Resort Quick Update | Minecraft PF Maps

Cedar Camp Resort is a Fictional Cedar Fair Park I created. Inspired by my 5 favorite theme parks: Cedar Point Knott’s Berry Farm Dorney Park Kings Dominion  and Six Flags Magic Mountain. The Park Features 27 (17 Cedar Camp) (10 Soak City and Galactic Adventures) Coaster with pixelated realistic appearance and the rides are rideable … Read more

Meds Addon | Minecraft PE Addons |

Meds addon is a lightweight and fast solution if you are in a battle and need to heal often. They do not need too many resources to craft and can come in handy if you know how to use them properly. Introducing medicines! You can heal with just a simple click.  Cre: Skybord32222 Items Bandages … Read more

The 2020 Parkour | Minecraft PE Maps

This is the ultimate parkour map for the 2020 year! This map is multi-staged and super long for those who hate short maps! Parkour is decorated with islands and secret diamonds to open the door at the end! Let’s see who will open it first! Maybe You! Also, we tested this map multiple times and … Read more

Ice Spikes, Abandoned Villages, Pillager Outpost | Seed Minecraft PE

Here’s a Minecraft seed in which you’re able to come across an abandoned snow village and more interesting sites. There are rare features on Minecraft, which makes your gameplay more and more enjoyable. Well, actually you won’t be spawned in ice biomes, instead, you’re spawned on a tree. You will see a mountain behind, turn … Read more

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