Ale Pack V1.2 Colorful Update! – RenderDragon (Compatible with All Devices)

With the aim of maximizing the user experience, the new version of the ale pack (A pack based on the Ale shaders) has arrived, making it more colorful than before.

Cre: TheAlexanderツ (Youtube, Twitter)

Ale Pack

If you don’t believe me, I welcome you to give it a try; you won’t regret it. Ale pack is compatible with all platforms where Minecraft Bedrock Edition works, and the best part is that it doesn’t display any type of lag.


– Day and night color

Ale Pack
Ale Pack

– Sunrise and sunset

Ale Pack
Ale Pack

– Cave and mist

Ale Pack
Ale Pack

– Water texturing

Ale Pack
Ale Pack


  • Plants are more colorful and beautiful.
  • Improved sky with more realistic clouds, sun and moon.
  • Textured water.
  • Added color of the sky as day and night.
  • Fog that matches the sky.
  • New Particles like in the rain.
  • Rain with intense fog.
  • It does not have any type of delay.
  • Based on the Ale shader.
  • Compatible with all devices (Android, iOS, Windows 10, PS5, PS4, XBOX ONE, XBOX Series…)
  • Etc…

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If you want to see more detail about this package, I invite you to see the cinematic:

– The movement on the plants shown in the video is from the Real Waving Leaves texture pack


The mist optimizes each stretch of distance for better performance:

– 6 Chunk:

Ale Pack

– 8 Chunk:

Ale Pack

– 12 Chunk:

Ale Pack
  • Not a shader at all
  • Based on the Ale shader
  • Adaptable solely for personal use.
  • The distribution of this texture pack with a modified source code is prohibited.
  • This resource pack may not be copied and published under your own name.
  • It’s conceivable that this resource pack contains any; if it does, kindly inform me on my Discord channel.
  • For a texture pack that is more similar to the shaders, I advise choosing Real Waving Leaves (Creator: Arthur156).
  • On any device, this texture pack operates.
  • This resource pack is suitable for versions of Minecraft +1.18.30, hence it is also suitable


– TheAlexander?#12484;

Please help me with something to motivate me to keep updating the shader constantly 🙂 :


Colorful Update V1.2!!!

  • The size of the sun has been reduced for more similarity with the real sun.
  • New color in the leaves, more vivid.
  • New color of the texture in the water, now it contrasts with. the blue color of the sky.
  • Redder sunsets. 
  • More realistic clouds.
  • Performance improvements.
Ale Pack

Ale pack v1.2 Colorful Update.mcpack

Download Ale pack v1.2 Colorful Update.mcpack

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