Crimson Color Fix

Have you ever noticed that crimson wood looks more like purple that the color crimson? I mean, it’s called crimson, but why does it look purplish? Well, we never know, but with this small texture pack, makes the crimson wood looks crimson while keeping the vanilla style!

Crimson Color Fix

List of things retextured: Crimson Planks

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

  • Crimson Slab
  • Crimson Stairs
  • Crimson Door
  • Crimson Trapdoor
  • Crimson Fence
  • Crimson Fence Gate
  • Crimson Sign
  • Crimson Stem
  • Stripped Crimson Stem

Due new Minecraft Bedrock Preview versions, crimson hanging signs doesn’t given a new texture yet, but I’m sure it will be added soon!

Crimson color fix

how it looks in-game 

Crimson color fix

crimson sign and door item texture

Some Minecraft Texture packs you can check in

Crimson Color Fix

Download Crimson Color Fix (Mcpack)

Download this texture (Mcpack) – Link Backup

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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